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What Is A Drug Counselor

Are you currently looking for information about a drug counselor? Are you trying to figure out exactly what they do so you can figure out if they are capable of helping you? We’re going to answer these questions and a few more so that you get a good idea of exactly what a substance abuse counselor is and what they might be able to help you with as far as addiction is concerned. So let’s take a much closer look at this topic right now. Dial 800-303-2482 to receive help right now from one of our counselors.

What Exactly Is a Drug Counselor?

A drug counselor, otherwise known as a substance abuse counselor, is an individual that helps people and works with them so that they can successfully eliminate their struggles from various different addictions that might be taking place in their life. There are many different roles that a substance abuse counselor can play, and I’d like to share a couple of the different options that are available to you depending on which drug of choice you happen to partake.

Choosing an Alcohol or Drug Addiction Counselor

Alcohol is very much considered a drug and there are definitely going to be drug counselor options available to you who specifically work with the substance alcohol. They may be known as alcohol abuse counselors as well, but it really depends on what they title themselves. So if you are unable to get your addiction to alcohol under control on your own, then it would probably be a good idea for you to spend some time with a drug counselor specializing in alcohol because he or she could help you in this area quite a bit.

Chemical Dependency Treatment

Choosing an Opiate Drug Addiction Counselor

There are absolutely going to be substance abuse counselors that can help you with your opiate addiction as well. This is a very specialized type of drug abuse, so there is going to be specialized knowledge needed in order to help you overcome this addiction. A generalized drug counselor is also going to understand the nuances of opiate addiction as well. But if you want to get specific help for opiate addiction then I highly recommend you look for a counselor who calls themselves an opiate addiction counselor. This way you know you are definitely dealing with somebody who specializes in the treatment of opiate addiction.

Other Types of Drug Abuse and Addiction Counselors

There are going to be different types of drug counselors that specialize in all of the different areas of drugs that are the most popular. Say you have a cocaine addiction. You’re obviously going to want to get specialized help from a drug counselor that deals with cocaine. So look for somebody who claims to be a cocaine addiction counselor. Are you starting to see where I’m going with this?

Or maybe you have an addiction to marijuana. There are absolutely going to be marijuana abuse counselors that specialize in helping individuals get over their marijuana addiction correctly. So if you are trying to quit smoking marijuana then it would obviously be a good idea for you to get help from a counselor that specializes in marijuana addiction treatment.

What Can Drug Abuse and Addiction Counselors Offer?

It all depends where you happen to be working with this drug counselor. Are you meeting your drug counselor at an outpatient facility? Or are you living in an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility right now where you regularly meet with the drug counselor inside of your program? I guess it really doesn’t matter what the venue is. You’ll definitely be able to get help from a drug counselor like this by following some of the established protocols that are already in place for addiction treatment.

One of the major protocols that most drug counselors are going to have you follow is this 12 step program method. Obviously you want to go with a method that is very effective, and the 12 step programs are extremely effective at helping people eliminate their addictions. Although they say you are always an addict, you will absolutely get your addiction in check so that it doesn’t disrupt your life any longer.

You’ll also be able to get therapy from a drug counselor which is quite effective. You might receive this therapy in one-on-one sessions, or you may receive drug addiction therapy from a drug counselor in a group session. I guess your counselor will decide on your treatment program based upon his or her experiences with you.

So those are the basics that you need to know about a drug counselor. So use this information to choose the counselor that’s going to be the ideal option for you and your personal situation.

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